Ashcroft T5500 Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® T5500 and T6500 all SS process pressure gauge is one of the finest production gauges on the market for industrial use where precise indications are required. Industries served include chemical, petrochemical, power, machine, pulp, paper, food and beverage applications. The product line offers either open or solid front design depending on your safety requirements. These gauges are available with 100 or 160mm case sizes, SS or Monel wetted sytems and psi or metric pressure ranges. 



EN 837-1

Accuracy Class: 

Standard: Class 1, 1% full scale

Optional: 1 ⁄2% full scale


100mm or 160mm diameter 

Pressure Ranges: 

Vacuum, compound, pressure psi: -30in. Hg–0, 0–15,000

Case Material: 

304 SS, 316 SS optional

T5500: open front, rear blowout disk

T6500: solid front, rear blowout disk

Pressure Connection: 

¼ NPT male, ½ NPT male G ¼ B male, G ½ B male 


304/303 SS

Operating Temperature: 

Ambient: -40–200°F (-40–93°C)

Process: Max. 200°F (93°C) dry Max. 212°F (100°C) liquid filled

Weather Protection: 

IP66 NEMA 4X, Dry case

IP67 NEMA 4X, Weatherproof, liquid filled or hermetically sealed