Ashcroft 1109 Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® 1109 pressure gauge is a rugged instrument and an ideal choice when an ASME gauge with a solid front stainless steel case is a requirement. This model combines elements of reliability, performance and safety. An ideal product that serves extremely well on challenging installation points.



ASME B40.1

Accuracy Class: 

 Grade 2A ( 1 ⁄2%)


41 ⁄2˝

Pressure Ranges: 

Vac., compound, 15PSI to 100,000PSI

Case Material: 

300 Series SS

Pressure Connection: 

Lower Connection: 1 ⁄4 NPT (02) or 1 ⁄2 NPT (04) 1 ⁄2 NPT standard for 20,000PSI, All others 1 ⁄4 high pressure tubing connection (09)


Standard, 316 SS

Operating Temperature: 

0 to 250°F

Weather Protection: 

Hermetically Sealed