Ashcroft 1009 4.5/6 Inch Pressure Gauge

1009 Industrial Pressure Gauge

The 41 ⁄2˝ and 6˝ Ashcroft® Type 1009 gauges are suitable where ambient corrosion is a major concern. Its attractive stainless steel case and ring provides excellent resistance to chemical, weather and corrosion attack. This 1009 has many optional features that allow a user to develop a basic or special product specification. The 1009 is part of the extensive line of Ashcroft stainless steel pressure gauges.

The gauge is available dry, liquid-filled weatherproof or hermetically sealed and now with PLUS!™ Performance option.



ASME B40.100

Accuracy Class: 

1% full scale Grade A


41 ⁄2˝ and 6˝ diameter 

Pressure Ranges: 

Vacuum – 30,000 psi

Case Material: 

Open front

Pressure Connection: 

1 ⁄4, 1 ⁄2 NPT


400 SS (conventional)

Operating Temperature: 

Dry: Ambient: –20°F/200°F (–29°C/93°C), Process: –20°F/250°F (–29°C/121°C), ) –40°F/250°F (–40°C/121°C


Weather Protection: 

Dry Case: IP54

Liquid filled or hermetically sealed case: IP 65