Ashcroft 1009 2.5/3.5 Inch Pressure Gauge

Duralife® 1009SW 2.5/3.5 Inch Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® 1009AW/SW pressure gauge offers exceptional quality, durability, and performance. An ideal choice for satisfying most applications and installation requirements.



ASME B40.100

Accuracy Class: 

Grade 1A, +1% of span (Dry) +1.5% of span (Liquid filled)


2½˝ (63mm), 3½˝ (100mm)

Pressure Ranges: 

Minimum 0-15 psi, maximum 0-15,000 psi, vacuum and compound

Case Material: 

304 SS (Std.), 316L SS (XYW)

Pressure Connection: 

1 ⁄8 NPT, 1 ⁄4 NPT (see ordering code for more options)


PowerFlex movement

Bottom plate – 304 SS

Upper plate – 304 SS

Pin – 304 SS

Hairspring assembly – 304 SS

Pinion – 304 SS

Segment – Glass filled polyester

Operating Temperature: 

Dry: Ambient: -40/200°F (-40/93°C), Process: -40/250°F (-40/121°C), Storage: -40/250°F (-40/121°C)

Glycerine Filled: Ambient: 20/150°F (-7/66°C), Process: 20/200°F (-7/93°C), Storage: 0/150°F (-18/66°C)

Silicone Filled: Ambient: -40/150°F (-40/66°C), Process: -40/200°F (-40/93°C), Storage: ) -40/150°F (-40/66°C)



Weather Protection: 

IP65 (Plug closed), IP54 (Plug vented) NEMA 4X (Plug closed)